For oral health and wellbeing

With a unique enzyme technology developed in Sweden
Finally, there's a gentle and effective solution that smoothly enhances oral hygiene. With only natural, high-quality ingredients, it strengthens the mouth's natural defense against plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

To promote oral balance

The oral flora is balanced and the natural barrier function is strengthened
Not everyone is aware of the importance of a balanced oral microbiome for both dental and overall health. DentaPrev's triple-action formula promotes a balanced oral flora, resulting in improved oral hygiene and overall well-being naturally and effectively.

Use anytime during the day

With its pocket-sized design, DentaPrev can be conveniently carried with you wherever you go

DentaPrev can be used not only after brushing in the morning and evening, but also at any time during the day. It facilitates enhanced oral hygiene with a fortified barrier and fresher breath whenever desired, whether before a meeting, after a meal, or during a trip.

Our dental enzyme technology

A patented solution developed in Sweden

DentaPrev's enzyme technology is specifically developed to create protection against harmful bacteria. A unique composition of enzymes, hyaluronate, and xylitol, in a base of glycerol, together decrease the binding of bacteria by creating a thin film that cleans and protects the oral cavity and the pharynx.

"The general feeling is that you feel clean in the entire oral cavity and that it feels like the enamel of the teeth has the same surface as when you have just been to the dental hygienist"

- Y




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  • In your everyday life

    Enjoy fresh breath and maintain good oral hygiene throughout the day. The pocket-sized format makes it convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

  • For your daily routine

    Elevate your oral hygiene routine with our spray, designed to take it to the next level. Make it a part of your daily regimen after brushing your teeth, ensuring effortless use for yourself and your loved ones.

  •  braces_dentaprev

    Cleans easily and efficiently

    Occasionally, additional support is necessary for oral health, as exemplified by the use of braces.

  • For the whole family

    A safe and reliable solution for achieving oral balance at every age. Suitable for the entire family aged 6 and above.

  • For the elderly

    For elderly individuals residing in care facilities or receiving home care services, our solution gently and effectively improves oral care.

  • In case of diseases

    For individuals affected by diseases, medications, and treatments that result in dry mouth, or for people with disabilities.