The importance of oral health

Many take care of their health with proper diet and exercise, but not everyone is aware of the importance of oral health for overall well-being. A healthy bacterial flora in the mouth is the key to strong resilience against many serious diseases.

The key to strong resilience

Bad bacteria do not only cause cavities, tartar, inflammation, and bad breath but studies show they can also be linked to nearly sixty different diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, dementia, and diabetes. Oral bacteria have even been found in tumors.*

*Parkinson, al. Improving oral health: How industry can help & Yu, Jingru, et al British Journal of Cancer 127.12 (2022)

Don't kill the good bacteria

Many dental care products kill all bacteria, both the bad and the good ones, but a sterile mouth impairs your ability to build up a natural defense against both dental issues and other diseases. It is essential to prevent malicious bacteria from spreading further into the body, which can occur, for example, when the gums bleed.

Finally, now there’s an effective solution that improves oral hygiene in a smooth and gentle way

100% natural ingredients

  • Balances the bacterial flora
  • Provides fresh breath
  • Combats plaque and tartar
  • Improves dry mouth

80% of users experience improved oral hygiene after just a few days*

* Open label market study: Evaluation of DentaPrev to improve experienced oral health among 60 healthy volunteers.
  • In your everyday life

    Enjoy fresh breath and maintain good oral hygiene throughout the day. The pocket-sized format makes it convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

  • For easy cleaning

    Elevate your oral hygiene routine with our spray, designed to take it to the next level. Make it a part of your daily regimen after brushing your teeth, ensuring effortless use for yourself and your loved ones.

  •  braces_dentaprev

    Cleans easily and efficiently

    Occasionally, additional support is necessary for oral health, as exemplified by the use of braces.

  • For the whole family

    A safe and reliable solution for achieving oral balance at every age. Suitable for the entire family aged 6 and above.

  • For the elderly

    For elderly individuals residing in care facilities or receiving home care services, our solution gently and effectively improves oral care.

  • In case of diseases

    For individuals affected by diseases, medications, and treatments that result in dry mouth, or for people with disabilities.